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Moose Antler slices | Blanks for DYI 40 mm size

Moose Antler slices | Blanks for DYI 40 mm size

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Explore our Moose antler slice pieces - blanks!

These moose antler slice pieces measure around 40 mm in diameter, the shapes and sizes can be a little bit different like in the pictures.

Remember, sizes and shapes might not be the same, but we pick the best ones. You can email us for more photos before we send them. These slices are great for making things on your own. They're better for DIY projects than deer antler because they're tougher and don't have the soft inside part that's not good for engraving with needle or laser. You can do a lot of DIY projects with these! We've made them a bit smooth and flat. If you want them really shiny and smooth, email us for this request and we will do it.

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