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We make few different styles of natural sewing buttons

In our store we have ,,simple'' natural sewing buttons that we sell in packs. We also have unique natural sewing buttons that we sell either in pairs or by one piece.

These natural sewing buttons have beautiful designs and also are made from deer antler or cattle bone.

Deer Antler Buttons, Handmade Sewing Buttons from Natural Deer Antler

Our simple natural sewing buttons

These natural deer antler sewing buttons are one of our first sewing button models that we started to produce back in the year 1999! To this day the button model is still one of our bestsellers!

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Horn buttons, Handmade with engraved unique button design

Our unique deer antler buttons designs

These our one of our unique deer antler sewing buttons models, that we started to produce around 2018. This type of buttons we sell in pairs (2 buttons at once). Our customers mostly use them as decorations to make their outfits truly stand out! We use real natural deer antler for this product, drill the holes by hand, but the image itself is engraved with needle engraving machine. It takes quite some time to finish making this product, The hardest part is preparing the right deer antler material, not the engraving itself!

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Intricate engraving on handcrafted deer antler sewing buttons

Our unique shank back buttons

These are our other type of unique antler sewing buttons that we started to produce in around ~ 2019. If being honest - the idea came from one of our repeat customers! This one very valuable customer, sent us a sketch with an idea how to make such type of shank button! According to her idea we made it and we done some extra designs. Some time passed by and these shank buttons became very popular in our Etsy store! All thanks to our lovely client who made this idea!

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