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Our very small family owned company started it's journey on the internet by creating Etsy store in 2018. Since then we have more than 400 positive reviews in our store. After some time we also started selling on Ebay and now we are creating our own unique website! Links to our stores :

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Bolo Tie Handmade from Deer Antler featuring Deer Portrait design

Deer antler bolo tie

Each bolo tie that we make is unique in it's own way! Each bolo tie uses a deer antler ,,crown'' - it's the part of deer antler where the horn starts growing. Only one such piece exists for one deer antler. But not all deer horns have a good enough ,,crown'' for such product. Each bolo tie, has a size adjustment mechanism, leather cord and two beatiful deer antler tips at the ends of leather cord.

 Handmade Deer Antler sewing buttons

Deer antler sewing buttons

Our deer antler sewing buttons are handmade in various sizes and designs to fit your various needs. Depends on what kind of design you want, but usually we make these sewing buttons in all kinds of sizes : from 10 mm to 30 mm diameter! Check out our collection and see if something sparks your interest!

Horn buttons, Handmade with engraved unique button design

Unique deer antler sewing buttons

In our collection, we also have unique sewing buttons. These sewing buttons we usually sell in pairs, or by piece, because of their unique designs. We make them from deer antler, moose antler and some of them from cattle bone.