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Deer Antler Sewing Buttons | Reversknöpfe

Deer Antler Sewing Buttons | Reversknöpfe

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Immerse yourself in elegance with our Handcrafted Deer Antler Sewing Buttons, lovingly crafted from genuine deer horn by skilled artisans. These buttons are called Reversknöpfe, a traditional sewing button style from Bavarian lands (Austria and Germany). Very unique and hard to make. Elevate your style to new heights with a touch of rustic charm, as each button effortlessly complements your attire, whether it's a sophisticated blazer or a cozy cardigan. Revel in the enchanting Deer Antler color that graces each button, beautifully reflecting the natural allure of the wild. Embrace the individuality of these buttons, as slight variations in shape and quality make them exclusive treasures, ensuring no two buttons are exactly alike.

Perfect for all your sewing projects, these sewing buttons come in 2 sizes : small and big button variatons, with a thoughtful 2-hole design and a circle around the holes. Their practicality knows no bounds as they enhance various clothing projects, from tailored suits to bohemian blouses. Every button is a work of art, carefully crafted to perfection, resonating with the essence of nature. 

Model : Reversknöpfe | A Sewing horn buttons design made in Germany and Austria, for their traditional clothing. These buttons have unique shape and 2 different sizes, a circle is carved out around the sewed holes to make them more unique.

Color: Natural Deer Antler button color.

Please Note: Due to their natural origin, each button may vary slightly in shape and quality, ensuring a unique touch to your garments.

Type : 2 hole

Sizes ~ Big button ~ 35x25 mm, Small button ~ 32x22 mm

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