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Shank Button From Deer Antler | Hummingbird

Shank Button From Deer Antler | Hummingbird

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Enrich your wardrobe with our exquisite Deer Antler Shank Button, meticulously made from real, natural deer antler. These Sewing buttons are the perfect way to add a touch of rustic charm to your clothing. Embrace the natural beauty of each shank button, as they vary in color and shape due to their natural origin. Choose the ideal design from our selection to complete your sewing and crafting projects, adding a touch of elegance to your garments.

Color: Natural Deer Antler button color.

We'd like to remind you that these buttons are created from authentic materials, and because of their natural origin, each one may display minor variations in shape and quality, lending a distinctive touch to your garments.

Type : Shank button
Source : Natural Deer Antler
Size ~ 3.5 cm diameter

If you require further details or want to see more images, please reach out to me.

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