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Deer Antler Sewing Buttons | Heart Model Nr.2

Deer Antler Sewing Buttons | Heart Model Nr.2

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Discover the captivating allure of nature in fashion with our Handcrafted Deer Antler Sewing Buttons, meticulously fashioned from authentic deer horn. Unleash the true essence of style as you sew these exquisite buttons into your attire. Each button is thoughtfully crafted by skilled artisans who embrace the natural beauty of deer antler, creating a seamless fusion of artistry and fashion.

Embrace the enchanting Deer Antler color that adorns each sewing button, elevating your clothing with organic allure and reflecting the splendor of the wild. Sizes vary from 15 mm to 23 mm, each size is meticulously designed with a practical 2-hole type, with it's center also carved out to a circle shape, catering to a diverse array of sewing projects.

Infuse your fashion creations with timeless elegance, from tailored ensembles to bohemian-inspired designs. Our Handcrafted Deer Antler Sewing Buttons breathe life into your garments, making them a captivating symbol of nature's artistry and your impeccable style. 

Model : Heart Nr.2 | A Sewing horn buttons design shaped like a heart, with simple 2 holes, but the center is carved out in a circle shape to expose the deer antler material inside around the 2 holes.

Color: Natural Antler button color.

Please Note: Because of their natural origin, each button may vary slightly in shape and quality, ensuring a unique touch to your garments.

Type : 2 hole

Sizes ~ 15 mm ; 18 mm ; 20 mm ; 23 mm 

Size of these buttons is taken from side to side - width (like diameter), the height of the button is smaller by 1-2 mm.

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Joanne Irons
Quick Service & Great Buttons!

very pleased with my purchase. Seller is quick to ship and easy to deal with. I highly recommend shopping here for wonderful buttons in made of true antler