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Deer Antler Sewing Buttons | Half Deer Antler Tips

Deer Antler Sewing Buttons | Half Deer Antler Tips

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Experience the allure of Handcrafted Deer Antler Sewing Buttons, where artistry and authenticity converge to elevate your style. Meticulously fashioned from genuine deer antler, these buttons are more than just a fashion statement; they're a celebration of nature's beauty and craftsmanship.

Infuse your wardrobe with a touch of rustic charm as these horn buttons seamlessly complement any attire, adding a unique flair to your sewing projects. Each sewing button boasts a captivating Deer Antler color, a testament to their organic origin and the charm of the natural world. 

With a practical 2-hole layout, they offer versatility for a multitude of clothing projects. Be it embellishing an elegant gown or designing a cozy sweater, our Handcrafted Deer Antler Sewing Buttons effortlessly blend fashion with nature's finest.

Model : Half Deer Tips | A Sewing horn buttons design made from Deer Antler tips, but the very end of tip is cut off, and then the button is cut in half to make this unique shape.

Color: Natural Antler button color.

Please Note: Due to their natural origin, each button may vary slightly in shape and quality, ensuring a unique touch to your garments.

Type : 2 hole

Size ~ 32x18 mm

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